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We specialise in creating dynamic and engaging websites & web applications designed with fantastic user experiences and simplicity in mind. Our lightweight & optimised development processes can start delivering benefits immediately.

What is Rails?

Ruby on Rails (or just Rails for short) is an open source web framework which provides an excellent starting point for any new web application. As it is open source it is constantly being worked on by thousands of developers every day with improvements being rolled out on a regular basis.

Rails is currently the framework of choice for a number of high profile and busy services such as Twitter, Shopify, Yellow Pages as well as all our own applications.

Rails is also non-propertiary which means you have the flexibility to easily move your development in-house should you require this (although we’d, obviously, love you stuck with us!).

Why aTech Media?

aTech Media has been working with Rails since the very early days back in 2006. With a massive wealth of experience with the framework & many associated technologies, we consider ourselves to be one of the leading Ruby on Rails development companies in the UK. Not only have we been working with Rails, we have also developed a number of our own libraries and plugins which further improve our development efficiency.

Our own applications have allowed us to experience many different aspects of planning, developing, running & growing a popular web application. This experience allows us to use everything we have learnt to ensure your next project is set up for complete success right from the start.

Working with aTech Media for your next project means you’ll be able to benefit from:

  • A team of experienced developers with many years of experience with the framework and with web applications.

  • Flexible development processes allowing you to make changes without enourmous associated costs.

  • Access to your application at the the early stages allowing you to provide feedback.

  • Full integrations with third party services, tools & APIs such as Twitter, Facebook and many more!

  • Getting to market quickly and meet your deadlines with ease.

  • Advice and support at every step of the way. From planning & designing to hosting & scaling - we’ll be here.

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