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Introducing the Sirportly Import Wizard


Are you still using that slow and clunky helpdesk system that you'd like to move away from, but you don't want to lose your entire support ticket history? Well now you can finally move to Sirportly!

We've just launched our new Sirportly Import Wizard (affectionately referred to as Importly) to help you migrate your tickets from your old helpdesk to your new Sirportly account.

You can migrate your data from; Help Scout,, WHMCS, Kayako and Zendesk. You can even move data between Sirportly accounts, and this all works for both Cloud and Download editions.


All you need to do is provide your login details for your existing helpdesk and Sirportly account. We'll use their API to pull all of the data from that system, and populate your Sirportly account. This can take some time if you have a large number of tickets, but you can check on the progress at any time. We'll even send you an email when the import is finished.

If you've set up custom statuses, priorities, team members or departments in your old helpdesk, you'll get the chance to map them to their correspondents in Sirportly before you begin. This means that you can exactly replicate any existing workflows.

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