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All about aTech Media

aTech Media is a small but perfectly formed internet software development company, specialising in Ruby including frameworks including Ruby on Rails. We develop fast, reliable and secure applications for both technical and civilian audiences. Our clients range from software developers and internet service providers to schools and churches.

Our office

We love our newly renovated office - if you're in the area, feel free to pop by and say hi!

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Our ethos

Anything is possible - we strongly believe that we can solve the problems facing internet users all over the world by developing easy to use software which does exactly what it says on the tin. Wherever possible we keep our products as simple and streamlined which in turn leads to a faster user experience and a streamlined and efficient codebase. We are constantly working on improving and adding features to all our active projects.

  • Founded in 2004.
  • Employs 7 Staff.
  • Runs 14 Apps.
  • Powered by 40 Servers.
  • Has 36,000+ users.
  • Serving 50+ countries.

Our History

This timeline shows the key events in the aTech Media history going right the way back to it's birth through to the current day.

  • 2004

    June 2004

    aTech Media was founded by Adam Cooke while still at school, aged 17.

  • 2005

    July 2005

    aTech Media was incorporated as a limited company, registration #5523199.

    December 2005

    Adam Higgs came on-board to help with website development.

  • 2006

    The early years of aTech (from 2005 until 2008) were predominantly spent working on designing developing websites for a number of schools, local design agencies and various technical companies.

    As well as websites, we also developed a CRM application called desklamp. We also developed a management system for schools called SMI, which is still in use today.

  • 2008

    February 2008

    We began development of a virtual server management platform, known as Radar.

    April 2008

    we started Codebase

    We started the development on the first version of Codebase.

    September 2008

    Charlie Smurthwaite joined the team, later to become Technical Director.

  • 2009

    June 2009

    Jack Regnart joined the team to work on some exciting new client projects.

    September 2009

    we launched Point

    We needed a reliable DNS hosting provider and couldn't find one. So we built Point.

  • 2010

    January 2010

    Our VPS platform software was acquired and continues to grow under another brand to this day.

    June 2010

    we launched Deliver

    We needed a reliable way to send & receive e-mail in our apps. So we built Deliver.

    September 2010

    we launched Deploy

    Customers wanted to deploy from Codebase to their servers. So we built Deploy.

    October 2010

    Dan Wentworth joined the team as our Head of Hosted Applications.

  • 2011

    April 2011

    We designed & built our new fast & redundant hosting infrastructure to host all our applications.

    June 2011

    We launched our new single sign on system allowing our users to login to any of our apps using a single set of credentials.

    July 2011

    We migrated all customers onto a complete re-write of Codebase with many more features and significant speed & stability improvements.

    September 2011

    say hello to Dial 9

    We launched our voice over IP company, Dial 9, specialising in solutions for small businesses.

  • 2012

    February 2012

    we launched Sirportly

    We needed a customer support platform for all our apps. So we built Sirportly.

    March 2012

    Dan Quinney joined the team as a developer working on Sirportly.

    May 2012

    Jack Hayter joined the team as our Technical Community Manager.

    July 2012

    We launched our partner programme allowing customers to earn commission from referring users to our services.

    August 2012

    We launched Noti

    Noti allows you to receive desktop notifications from web apps. It's awesome.

    October 2012

    The aTech Media team came 8th in the 2012 Rails Rumble by developing Dasher in a weekend.

    October 2012

    We refurbished and moved into our new permanent office for the next few years, in Poole, Dorset.

  • 2013

    January 2013

    Nathan Baum joined the team as a Software Engineer.

    February 2013

    Ben Thompson joined the team as a Software Engineer

    June 2013

    Point was acquired by

    June 2013

    We launched our own multi-homed autonomous network (AS60899) and migrated all our infrastructure from Bournemouth to London.

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