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We’re a UK-based software development company specialising in creating websites & applications for both local & worldwide audiences. Our software is fast, reliable & secure and always features a functional and easy to use user interface & experience.

We develop & run a number of products & services which are used by thousands of users all in over 40 countries. Take a look at any of the apps below for more info:

  • Sirportly

    Customer helpdesk platform

  • Codebase

    Code & project management

  • Deploy

    Server deployment platform

  • Deliver

    Incoming & outgoing e-mail

  • Dial 9

    VoIP & telecoms solutions

  • NotiApp

    Desktop notification tool

  • Telecoms

    Telecoms solution in a box

  • We also work on a number of other smaller tools & apps, which you can find on our applications page.

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  • We had no version control for our website before using Codebase and Deploy. It's hard for me to exaggerate how useful these tools are, how well they work together and how important they are to our business. If you're considering version control, you need to try out these guys. — Fergus Macdonald, Macdonald Sporrans
  • Codebase offers an option that is both financially feasible and intuitive for boutique development companies to gain access to a robust application life cycle management suite. As a result, Bruze has been able to punch above our weight class and deliver quality solutions to our customers. — Martin Crawford, Bruze

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If you’re a current customer for any of our products or services, we’re here to help if you need us. Just give us a call on 01202 901 222 or drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help.

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